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Create A Contact Page That Converts To Actual Contacts!

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Your Contact Us page just has contact details on it right?  WRONG.

If you don’t have a specific customer funnel set-up then your contact page is a key part of your website, and yet so many people treat it as an after-thought. Here’s my list of must-have elements to ensure a credible and effective Contact Us page for your service business.

10. Keep It Simple

This is the page on your website that is specifically for your contact details, a final call to action and key testimonials. Don’t be tempted to load it with a whole lot of extra information.

9. Make It Secure

If you’re asking your visitors to complete a contact form the least you can do is ensure their data is secure when they send it to you by delivering your site over a secure server via SSL.

8. Look Your Best

This page will likely be the second most visited page on your website (after your homepage) so make sure it looks the part. Your visitor is beginning their customer relationship with you and your Contact Us page will form part of that impression – remember that before you fall into the trap of thinking it’s just an unimportant page.

7. Include Your Personality

Be inventive with imagery or text that your visitors will remember – while it won’t work for everyone’s brand, a touch of humour can be a great icebreaker.

6. Keep Forms Short

If you’re using a contact form then you should keep the amount of fields you are asking to be completed to the absolute minimum. Set any additional fields to optional, so it’s up to your visitor whether they complete the fields or not.

5. Ensure it’s a Spam-free Zone

Use an instant spam-protector like reCAPTCHA. This is for your benefit mostly, but your visitors will see it as a sign that you care about the content that’s received from your Contact Us page.

4. Offer More Than One Contact Option

If you have a blog you probably don’t want your personal phone number all over the internet, but businesses should absolutely offer more than one contact option. As well as a contact form or email include your address and phone number – a phone number is a really important part of establishing trust.

3. Add a Google Map

Google makes it easy to add a map to your website which not only helps your customer find you but will help you with SEO too, especially with any location-sensitive query.

2. Complete On-Page SEO

Optimize Title Tag, Headings, and Meta Description – don’t just leave the title as “Contact Us” but include your solutions/keyword targets as well.

Make your Contact Us page description persuasive, to encourage click through from Google searches.

But the most important part of your Contact Us page is actually not part of the page, it’s how you ……

1. Respond!

This is obvious right? Yet how many times have you had to chase a contact made via someone’s website? Don’t be those guys!

Ensure you have SMTP set up and test your online forms regularly to ensure they are working properly and set up auto-responders so that your customers know you’ve received their enquiry – include an expected response time so they know when to expect a reply from you.

Follow that up with a quick, helpful response because good communication will always be the right answer (cheesy but true).

Want to see if I put my money where my mouth is? Contact me and test out my response level.


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