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100% Covid Funding For Auckland Businesses

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In case you missed it, the Government has announced a new round of funding for COVID-affected Auckland businesses – in addition to advisory services they’ve included an implementation option which means I can take care of everything for you!

Grab your opportunity to work with me and have it 100% funded across projects like:

  • Digital enablement
  • SEO and conversion optimisation
  • Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace & Wix website builds or improvements
  • Email marketing strategy & customer journey automations

This funding went FAST last time, act now to claim yours – seriously, do it now.

STEP 1: If you’re not already registered then register your business with RBPN

When you get in contact with an RBPN case manager, you’ll be able to ask specifically to work with Redhead Digital.

STEP 2: Register Your Interest with RBPN to be the first to know when funding is available

*About Redhead Digital*

We work with heart-led businesses that care about their customers, their communities, and their environment. Specialising in website builds and redesigns that boost your impact and results as well as email marketing customer journeys that nurture and grow relationships and sales – imagine the possibilities!

Need help now? Or outside of Auckland?

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have across any digital topic – I would love to hear how you are getting on in these challenging times and help you where I can.

Take care, Louisa aka Red

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