Where Is The Best Place To Publish Customer Reviews?

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Getting customer reviews is good practice but be strategic with who you are asking to post where.


If you are on Google My Business (and you should be) then Google customer reviews absolutely DO impact your local search ranking.  It’s not the only thing that matters, but if your business relies on being on Google’s map, then great Google reviews are worth getting – as many as you can (and keep getting them).

You can use this link to send to customers which you can customer for your business so that it automatically opens a 5 star review they can complete.
https://supple.com.au/tools/google-review-link-generator/ See an example of the result here for Nykie Grove-Eades, Photographer business https://goo.gl/IiojHO

Be aware customers have to be logged into their Google account. This can be a barrier for some customers….


Where are your customers? Are they on Facebook? If they are then Facebook reviews are good to have. You can make it easier for them to complete a review by including the direct link to your Reviews page. (click on your Reviews tab and copy the URL from that) eg, https://www.facebook.com/pg/redheaddigital/reviews/


You should have testimonials on your website as general hygiene.  Update them often and get photos of your reviewers if you can.  This is the chance for you to control your reviews to some extent. Got a great client story? Then include that. Depending on your website platform, there are heaps of options for review apps and layouts.

Good reviews are extremely compelling (and equally, bad reviews will lose you business), if you have good products or a great service offering then encourage reviews across all your channels.

Which One?

Get in touch with me to discuss which Platforms will be most effective for your business.