How to remove Laybuy from your NZ Shopify store

How to remove Laybuy from your Shopify store NZ

It wasn’t looking good on Friday when they suspended payments and the confirmation is here – Laybuy has gone into receivership. If you have a NZ-based Shopify store with Laybuy connected I will remove it from your store for free. Message me.  Because times are hard enough enough in retail! And for those that have […]

Web Design NZ: Unveiling the Art and Science of Crafting a Standout Website in NZ

web design nz - tui bird feeding from a nectar feeder on tiritiri matangi island

Web design nz is understanding that crafting a standout website in NZ isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a blend of art and science that captivates and converts. Just because it’s NZ-based, doesn’t mean it’s simple about plopping a silver fern or fuzzy kiwi on your homepage, sitting back, and waiting for the magic to happen. […]

How to Immediately Stop Fraudulent Orders On Shopify

shopify Online store owner worried about fraud

I saw an article from the NZ TV show, Fair Go, today and it blew my mind that this tip was not more well known. Two businesses are left with thousands of dollars in merchant fees due to fraudulent transactions because even though the fraudulent orders were identified and cancelled, Shopify isn’t refunding their fees. […]

100% Covid Funding For Auckland Businesses

In case you missed it, the Government has announced a new round of funding for COVID-affected Auckland businesses – in addition to advisory services they’ve included an implementation option which means I can take care of everything for you! Grab your opportunity to work with me and have it 100% funded across projects like: Digital […]

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