How To Take Credit Or Debit Card Payments Online With Or Without A Website

The wheels of the economy are starting to turn again as the end of lockdown looms. How your business can operate and thrive in a contactless environment will depend on your ability to harness technology. So, let’s have a quick look at the current information on how food and retail can operate under Level 3. […]

Adding A Pay What You Want PWYW Payment Option

With COVID-19 changing the business landscape so much, evaluating your selling strategy is on many businesses current to-do list. Pay What You Want is a payment method that allows you to be flexible in what price you are willing to accept for selected products or services. The buyer becomes a part of the value process […]

Can I Use Discount Codes In Place of Gift Vouchers in Shopify?

Shopify Gift Card Vouchers or Discount Codes

It may be tempting to use the discount code function in place of gift cards just to ‘get-by’ but this isn’t ideal for a number of reasons. Balances A discount code does not track balances. If a customer has a $100 code, spends $75, then that’s the end of that code’s life. You have to […]

How To Create Effective Website Product Categories

As well as designing and redesigning ecommerce websites, I’m a rather ardent user of them and find it so frustrating when I come across websites that don’t implement a common sense approach to their product categories. Here are five ways to improve your website’s usability when you have an online store with a large product […]

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