Triple Sign-Ups and More Money?! A Mailchimp Mind-Blowing Case Study Revealed

When starting out as a web specialist I subscribed to the under-promise/over-deliver philosophy. But over the years, my level of confidence has grown enough in my own expertise, to be quite bold about what I expect to happen when we agree to work together – and that’s pretty much an instant and measureable improvement across […]

Resync Promo Codes Between Mailchimp & Shopify

Mailchimp Shopify Promo Code Sync Fix

If you’re finding that the discount code you set up in Shopify isn’t available to add to a Mailchimp newsletter via the Promo Code section in Mailchimp, then here’s how to fix that issue. Login to Shopify. Go to the Mailchimp: Email Marketing App. Check that you’re connected. If you are, click on the Promos […]

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