North West Business Awards 2023 Finalist

Wahay!!!  Redhead Digital is a finalist in the North West Business Awards 2023.  I thought long and hard about entering, brings up some big feelings for me, but it’s part of a plan to embrace the uncomfortable and get out there to keep learning and be proud of what’s being achieved.   I would love […]

Buy Now Pay Later Websites

Payment Plans Available For Website Projects at Redhead Digital The time it takes to complete a full website development depends on a number of elements but on average it’s between four to ten weeks. Some web developers take the entire sum upfront but we structure our projects across three progress payments: Need Extra Flexibility? If […]

100% Covid Funding For Auckland Businesses

In case you missed it, the Government has announced a new round of funding for COVID-affected Auckland businesses – in addition to advisory services they’ve included an implementation option which means I can take care of everything for you! Grab your opportunity to work with me and have it 100% funded across projects like: Digital […]

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