Facebook Promotion Of Competitions For 2020


What is the goal of the competition? Reach? Awareness? Event Engagement? Pick one 😉 Then you can focus the competition around that for best results. The others will happen naturally as a result but with one focus it’s much clearer to map out what the optimal steps of entry of the competition should be.

You CAN ask people to like a post to enter
You CAN ask people to comment on a post to enter

So “like this post and comment below” are both acceptable and effective ways to generate engagement/reach on that post.

You CAN ask people to like your page to enter. But you can also have it as a non-entry call to action eg, prompt people to like your page eg “Remember to follow our page to ensure you don’t miss out when we announce the winner!” Best to keep your calls to action focused on your main objective.

If you want to encourage people to view the festival website or event site, then use a Chatbot like Manychat and set up a comment automation. This means when someone comments, they’ll receive a message from you eg “Wohoo! you’re in the draw for tickets, check out what’s going on at the festival here www.yourfestival.co.nz

You CANNOT use personal timeline entries as a way to enter. eg

You CANNOT use “tag a friend”
You CANNOT use “share on your timeline/a friends timeline”

You should also include an acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.

Full and latest promo policies are here https://www.facebook.com/policies/pages_groups_events/#

Phew, this has turned into a novel. Having said ALL that, you may find that your post gets throttled by Facebook for “asking” for engagement in this way because they are taking action on posts of this nature in favour of “prompt your followers to engage by creating relevant and meaningful stories”

This is known as engagement bait – read up on this in this article from Facebook

So that leaves? Ads. Clever buggers aren’t they? 🙂