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Facebook Group Search


If you are a member of any Groups on Facebook, you’ll know that plenty of people don’t realise you can search the posts because the same questions come up again and again.  Here’s a quick way to find the handy little search box on any Facebook Group page (see image above).

Use it to search within all of that group’s previous posts – genius!

Mobile – Facebook Groups App

The mobile app doesn’t have this feature but there are a couple of ways to search groups on your mobile or iPad.FbGroupsApp

  1. Simply use your mobile browser and remove the ‘m’ at the beginning of the URL (eg, use the desktop method above)
  2. Download the free Facebook Groups App.  This is ideal if you are a big user of Groups, and almost essential if you are a Group Admin and use your phone the majority of the time.

Facebook Groups App – Search Feature

To use the search function within the Facebook Groups App, simply click on the magnifying glass on the top right of that groups page.