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I’m a Shopify Partner focused on helping NZ businesses grow their online sales.  With over 15 years in the website space, my sweet-spot is purpose-led brands whose website is a core part of their business.  I can help you:

Shopify partner for websites in NZ
Shopify Website Revamps NZ

You might have a Shopify website, but do you have a user-friendly 24/7 marketing machine kinda website?

You know, the one-of-a-kind website with integrated conversion-catapulting apps running behind the scenes?  The kinda website Google can’t keep its keyword ranking mitts off. That creates a flawlessly automated customer journey and most importantly, has your ideal humans coming back for more?

Undeniably, there’s more to making sales, generating leads and increasing conversion rates than slapping together a website, forking out a ton of money on paid ads and calling it a day. 

So if that’s what you’re currently working with, Houston… you’ve got a freakin’ problem.

Email automations

Digital Products

Upselling & Cross-selling

Loyalty Programs

Automated Review Requests

Back in Stock Alerts

Product Bundling

Value Add & Gifting

Is your website dropping sales like they're hot potatoes?

My speciality is breathing new life (and revenue) into leaky, outdated or under-performing Shopify websites

I know a lot of NZ eCommerce business owners get sucked into trap of chasing of “more” traffic. But the cost of getting traffic to your website is getting more and more expensive and if your website isn’t properly set-up, then buying clicks is like trying to pour water into a leaky bucket!

Work with me to get your website optimised, add the right tech, fix any user experience issues, to ensure that your site is fast, responsive, and easy to use. Let’s craft a website that woos your customers and wins Google’s heart!” 💥

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Navigating Shopify for New Zealand Businesses

What is Shopify?

It’s a specific e-commerce platform perfect for businesses in New Zealand looking to establish a thriving online presence – especially when you have access to all the tricks and knowledge a Shopify Partner has! 

How does it work?

From customisable storefront designs to seamless payment processing, Shopify provides all the tools necessary to elevate your business in the digital realm.  Furthermore, if you have a Shopify store already, you can scale and grow it with the right tools!

Who is Shopify for?

Whether you’re a budding boutique in Auckland or a seasoned craftsman in Wellington, Shopify caters to your unique e-commerce needs while aligning seamlessly with the distinctive Kiwi entrepreneurial spirit.

Why is it a great website platform?

With its intuitive interface and robust features, Shopify streamlines the e-commerce journey.  Small businesses to focus on what they do best and even match the big boys by using the latest tech and integrations on offer to sell smarter.

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