Should I DIY My Facebook Ads?


Agency Facebook Performance

“Facebook Ads are a nightmare to understand and nothing works like the Youtube videos I’ve watched”

Have a look at this graphic of actual spend and return and see if these results reflect that? Of course, they definitely don’t!

The quote above is taken word for word from an email I received for help last week and it’s a common theme I hear from businesses that have tried to do Facebook Ads themselves. Setting up and managing Facebook Ad Campaigns is complex, and getting more and more so. And while it might be tempting to just hit the boost button, that’s almost never going to get great results.

And it’s why Facebook Ads are one area of Digital Transformation I encourage clients not to try to DIY. The increased spend budget recommendations can be a bit daunting but it’s good to remember most campaigns don’t have to start with massive budget, they’ll be optimised and scaled accordingly.

So what’s a good budget to start with? Well, it depends on your campaign objective. Are you after page likes? Video views? Lead Form Completions, Ecomerce sales? Each has a different cost per result, with landing sales tending to cost more than just promoting your brand. In other words, conversions will typically cost more than clicks, which will usually cost more than likes and video views.

You can start advertising from as low as $5 a day but to gain any real traction, and make it worthwhile for any agency to manage, but for conversion campaigns (where your goal is website sales) then mentally prepare yourself for a starting spend of between $20-$30 a day to allow enough of a reach to adequately test and optimise.

And for sure, the types of results I’ve shown here aren’t guaranteed for every business and campaign, and neither are they intended to be held up as a pinnacle of FB advertising – but the main point here is that there is a good argument to at least have a conversation with a reputable Ads agency rather than give up or accept that your DIY results are as good as it’s going to get.

Food for thought hopefully.