Try these 5 easy but powerful email marketing tips to increase your newsletter performance

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Email Marketing

Email-marketing is the highest converting digital activity overall – yes, really – Hubspot quotes a ROI of 42%. But many Kiwi companies aren’t getting anywhere near that and its often easy to fix content-fails at fault.

So can you ensure that all that wonderful effort you or your team has put into creating your email is isn’t being wasted? Here’s a quick checklist for your email templates no matter if they’re promo or adding value with info sharing:

Include buttons.

Like all of you, I get masses of promotional emails coming through my inbox – I need to be able to skim. In order to see an uplift in click-throughs, please give me at least one big giant button that I can tap on and let it take me straight to the good stuff. Not to mention that I’m reading it on my phone and my eyesight’s not what it was so make it obvious.

Link ALL your images.

Your images are gorgeous, correctly sized, oh-so-tempting to click … but there’s no link. Please! link your images to the content or product you’re talking about. If you don’t, all I’m gonna see when I click on that beauty is a larger version of the image = conversion fail.

Put a homepage link from the email logo.

Sometimes I might have zero interest in the particular email or offer that’s just arrived but it’s an oh so gentle reminder of that thing I was looking at and I’d love to be able to click on the header and be taken straight to your website.

Check your links.

You’ve nailed the other basics but the link’s a dud. Use the broken link checker in your email marketing preview to check all your links all at once.

Use merge tags correctly.

Personalisation is awesome! But use that handy preview again and check that your merge tags are populating as expected by enabling live merge tag info in the Preview area.Easy right!

We all make mistakes and this sure isn’t about perfection, but if you follow these tips I bet you’ll see increased engagement in you newsletter sends – let me know!