How to Verify A Facebook Business Page Using Business Manager


I recommend to my clients that they use the Facebook Business Manager when they have multiple pages or ad accounts or when they have a large group of people managing their Facebook assets.

Business Manager lets you manage all of these from one place and you don’t have to share any login details – this means if your staff leave, your Facebook access doesn’t leave with it!

But like many new things, Business Manager comes with a bit of a learning curve.  Some of the simplest tasks are now buried in the multitude of features and settings and the help pages, while plentiful, aren’t usually all that useful for simple queries – verifying your page being one of those.

How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page in Business Manager

This is super easy to do, once you know where to find it.

  • Login to Business Manager
  • Click on the Page you wish to verify
  • Click on Settings
  • Under the General Settings tab, click on the edit button next to ‘Page Verification’
  • Complete the process and you’re done.

Getting your page verified on Facebook lets people know your page is authentic and it also means your page will rank higher in searches.

Can My Facebook Page Get Verified?

If you don’t use Business Manager and want to verify your Facebook Business page, get in touch with us – we can quickly assess whether your page qualifies under Facebooks current rules and what you’ll need to do to get verified.

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