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Websites that win hearts, carts and Google's attention

Get more from your current and future traffic with conversion-catapulting website design, smart SEO & a buyer’s journey your customers deserve.💥


You’re an established purpose-led, sustainable or health & wellbeing brand wanting to explode your business using…


A Shopify or WordPress Website

Whether you're an e-commerce brand wanting to increase your sales & conversion rate or a service provider trying to generate more red-hot leads, your website needs to stand the 💥 out.

Shopify & WordPress website design (or redesign), eco-friendly hosting, app integration to increase orders & return orders, improved performance & website audits designed for you.


Email Marketing & Automation

If you’re not using email marketing to increase your sales, create brand awareness and automate your customer journey, you’re leaving money on the table.

Welcome sequence, nurture sequence & abandoned cart automation, review reminders, all increase sales & build a relationship with your customers. I tells ya - there's gold in that thar database.


SEO (search engine optimisation)

Your organic website traffic is next to nothing because you’re on page 8 of Google. No one gets to page 8.
You want to ensure you've done all the key things you can to rank higher organically using structure and terms to get found by the right people.

SEO isn't about stuffing your website with keywords. A solid foundation, great content & understanding your audience is what drives good SEO.


Louisa Currie from Redhead Digital
Redhead Digital impact

I'm the enthusiastic ginger-ninja behind Redhead Digital and your website, conversion & email-marketing maven

As the flame-headed viking spawn of Celtic ancestors, I’m described as the stubborn, quirky one with a high pain tolerance (for most things… lousy conversion rates, mediocre websites and stinky cheese excluded). 

If you want to know more about me, how 6+ years of running a successful ecommerce website ended in disaster and how I then got to here, read on …

Or if you’re ready to just end the suffering and get straight to the good stuff?  Just keep scrolling… just keep scrolling.  You’re almost there.


After 14+ years navigating the world of digital marketing, UX websites, Google friendly SEO and email marketing, it’s safe to say that I know things ain’t what they used to be. And if you’re trying to keep up with it all on your own while running a business? Mission impossible.​

All of this might leave you feeling like your ice cream fell off your cone, but you’ve just stumbled on the solution to your digital marketing nightmares (true story). Even a small upward tweak in your conversion rates can result in some major cha-ching!  See for yourself with my ROI Calculator.

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