My journey into digital marketing didn’t start the way you probably thought it would

Yikes. Childhood photos and 90’s jeans – just how far back is this backstory going?

Don’t worry, not that far.  Let me take you back to 2008.  I’m on round two of maternity leave absolutely dreading the thought of going back to traditional 9-to-5 work.  Like really dreading it.  I mean, I used to count FISH for a living! 

Facebook is the new frontier as is shopping online.  With no business experience, no marketing experience and one bright (read: crazy?!) idea, a friend and I executed the perfect *not going back to work* plan.  An online baby and maternity ecommerce website with everything growing families may need.  And boy, did business go BOOM💥 real quick… 

We packed our entire heads, hearts and souls (and sanity) into it and made a healthy profit.  But 6 years in, burn out got the better of us and the ecommerce landscape had changed… dramatically.

Long story short, we sold our business and parted ways, the combination of which led me spiralling into months of severe grief and depression.  I took a year off to concentrate on my mental health and my family.  

But all the while, something was brewing… something BIG


In 2014 Redhead Digital was launched onto the scene

From my own trips around the eCommerce block, I realised how critically important conversion rate is to any business’s bottom line and with that driving me, I set out to find my mojo, my people, and my speciality.  After some trial and error it was soon clear that supporting purpose-led, sustainable and health & wellbeing brands, was where I wanted to be.


Once I'd made that realisation, things really came together. The people I loved working with (my kinda humans) quickly found me - it was almost like I’d always been there.

Sustainable, ethical digital marketing

Today Redhead Digital HQ operates out of a purpose-built, off-grid office in the mighty Kaipara region. 

You’ll rarely see me without my shadow, a Griffon called Griff, and when I’m not at my laptop you’ll find me on a trail or on, in or near the water with my family.

Coffee dependency
Wordle wins stat
Knows all the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody

My speciality is breathing new life (and revenue) into outdated or under-performing websites.

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