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Google Postcard Not Received? Here’s how to get your business verified on Google My Business without it

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Get Your Google My Business Postcard in NZ

The Google My Business (GMB) listing is such an important piece of web real estate for your business SEO, but getting that darned verification postcard from Google has become a nightmare.

If you’ve waiting endlessly for a code that hasn’t shown up then you can request Video Verification. Huzzah!

Fill in the form on this link, to get started type ‘postcard didn’t arrive’ then complete the prompts to step 3 to contact them.and attach the relevant photographic proof of your business/shop/service and you’ll be able to book a video call in within days.

p.s. Listings on Google My Business can only be created for businesses that either has a physical location that customers can visit or that travel to visit customers where they are so if you’re an e-commerce or remote business then you don’t qualify for a listing.

And if you need an expert that can help with domains or anything Google, website or email marketing related then get in touch with me for a chat. I’m a Shopify, WordPress, & Squarespace website redeveloper – turning old and under-performing e-commerce & brochure websites around for their owners.

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