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Triple Sign-Ups and More Money?! A Mailchimp Mind-Blowing Case Study Revealed

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When starting out as a web specialist I subscribed to the under-promise/over-deliver philosophy. But over the years, my level of confidence has grown enough in my own expertise, to be quite bold about what I expect to happen when we agree to work together – and that’s pretty much an instant and measureable improvement across your website KPIs.

Sure, the larger digital transformation projects I undertake, result in the biggest change but even relatively small tweaks can make a big impact.

Because I love a good chart, have a look at this comparison above which tracks the performance of a Shopify site’s email sign-ups where the client had set up an opt-in to increase newsletter sign-ups versus the results we saw after implementing our tried and tested opt-in processes.

Here’s what we did:

  • changed to an alternative app (still free but with options to extend features as the business grows) that allowed us to:
  • add an engaging image to the opt-in pop-up
  • customise the fonts and colours
  • create a mobile specific version
  • add a strong call to action (small discount off their first order)
  • sync to the Mailchimp CRM with identifiable tag (so we can use these for later marketing)
  • create professional template in Mailchimp for use across newsletters and email sends
  • create a brand focused, non-salesy automated welcome email in Mailchimp to be sent 24 hours after they receive the code email (when sending more than one email, adding a small time delay will result in better engagement in the subsequent emails and your customer is less likely to feel bombarded by you)
  • test the sequence across multiple device types and browsers and then let it loose.

Our client now has over three times the number of sign-ups she was getting, from the SAME level of traffic – and an all-important measurable increase in revenue – oh yeah!!!

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