Mailchimp’s Free Website Builder

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I spent a couple of hours creating a website when this was released by Mailchimp late last year. It’s a good option for someone who recognises the importance of building their database from the get-go and needs a website set up quickly and of course, it’s free.

It comes with easy to populate templated sections and it’s simple to configure the layout settings (colour, fonts, etc).

There were a couple of small downsides though …

1) The only payment connection is via Square, which isn’t available within NZ. This means if you’re wanting to sell on your website, you need to send them off to a Paypal link or similar.

2) You can’t embed a contact form.

Other than that, pretty good for a free platform that allows you to put your message across online, gather sign-ups, and build automation around those.

Here’s the sample site if anyone wants a gander at what you can easily achieve.

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