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Google Appointment Scheduler vs Acuity: Review

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I Tried It Out and It’s A Resounding “Meh”

I currently use Acuity for booking my Free Chats and embed it into my website so it looks like part of my website solution. I recently tried out Google Workspace’s new Appointment Scheduler feature. I was curious to see how it compared to other popular appointment scheduling tools like Acuity and Calendly.

Overall, I found the Google Appointment Scheduler to be easy to set up and use. But it lacks some of the key features that I’ve come to rely on with other tools.

For example, the Google Appointment Scheduler only allows you to create text fields in your booking forms. This means that you can’t add check boxes, dropdown menus, or other types of fields and will limit the types of information you can gather.

Another limitation is that the Google Appointment Scheduler only supports Google Meetings for online meetings. I far prefer Zoom’s screen sharing interface so this is another point lost.

Next, the Google Appointment Scheduler’s front-end is not as visually appealing as some Acuity or Calendly. There’s also little in the way of customisation options so it’s very “Google” looking and I want something that is more aligned to *my* brand, not theirs.

Acuity offers a wider range of features and customization options, and I like the way it looks on my website. I also appreciate that Acuity supports Zoom meetings, which is my preferred platform for online meetings.


Overall, I think the Google Appointment Scheduler is a only an option if you’re looking for a free or low-cost appointment scheduling tool and aren’t using one already. However, if you need more features or a more customizable solution, I would recommend using a different tool like Acuity.

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